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Your Consultant is Melissa Dell

My Story

Hi I'm Melissa and I'd love to be YOUR Scentsy Consultant! I live in Santa Clarita, CA but have customers near and far!

We were pregnant with our third baby and wondered what would become of our lives. I worked full-time but wanted something more fulfilling. I was already a Scentsy user for years, and back then, it wasn't the right time. July 2015 was the right time, and I'm so glad I said yes!

When I was in college, I worked retail because I LOVED helping ladies find exactly what they needed. The excitement and joy in their faces had me excited to show up to work every day. But I honestly hated the retail hours! Weekends, holidays, no thank you!

After college I jumped into an 8-5 with my weekends free. But over the years I missed the interaction with customers and helping them find what they needed.

Scentsy fills that void for me and I've enjoyed making homes, classrooms, and cars smell great since 2015. I've enjoyed building my team because it means other women are finding that joy that fires me up daily!

Scentsy has gone from just making my home smell great to helping us cover some of the extras life throws at us with 3 kids. I still work full time at my 8-5 but have the opportunity to work my business, earn free trips (Went to Punta Cana summer of 2017, Spent an amazing 10 days in Europe in 2018 and had my choice of 2 options for 2019 - Marco Island, Florida or Austin, TX for all expenses paid trips. I chose Austin for our Scentsy Family Reunion!!) and meeting new ladies has been amazing!

Some info on me: I was born and raised in SoCal, I have my Bachelor's in Psychology and Master's in Public Administration. My husband and I were married in 2008 and we have 3 kids - Aubrey, Luke and Ryan. We are both members at Crossroads Community Church and love watching movies on Sunday nights.

If you'd like more information on Scentsy - come join me on Facebook! ( I'm also on Instagram (

Remember to say #ByeWicks and Hello Scentsy!